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Laughing in literature, working class women in Scottish writing

A short time ago, I attended a seminar at the Scottish Oral History Centre at the University of Strathclyde. Professor Callum G Brown was discussing "Laughing Out Loud in Oral Testimony: what does it mean?". Callum was talking about personal testimony interviews he had been recording as part of the research for his latest book, stating that he… Continue reading Laughing in literature, working class women in Scottish writing


Aye Write; the Scottishness of Welsh, Dolan & Cleeves

I haven't as yet read A Decent Ride, Irvine Welsh's new novel, but it was more than decent listening to him read, or more appropriately perform, several scenes at the Aye Write festival on Friday night. We all know Irvine Welsh is a phenomenal talent. And not just as a writer. During the referendum he regularly appeared on… Continue reading Aye Write; the Scottishness of Welsh, Dolan & Cleeves


mentoring & breakthrough moments, aha.

As part of Kerry Hudson's, Womentoring Project, I'm working with a fabulous mentee, Rhona Millar. This is not my story to share but I shall indulge a little without giving away too much about her journey. Recently she had an 'aha' moment. I'm borrowing this term from my former writing tutor, the amazing novelist Elizabeth Reeder.… Continue reading mentoring & breakthrough moments, aha.


broken ankle and welcome party.

It's day three of dad's incapacitation following his ankle break. A simple slip has resulted in a dramatic change to his lifestyle. It is a really awful thing to have happened to him, particularly as he's getting that wee bit older (and more determined to be able to do everything!) and he already has a… Continue reading broken ankle and welcome party.