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Words and Women prose competition

2018 kicked off with a bang with news that my short story ‘F’s Fir Fingers’ made the Top 40 of the Women and Words prose competition! You can learn more about it here.

The national and East of England winners will be announced from the shortlist on the 8th of January. I’m just delighted to be there. Good luck to everyone on the list, I’ve posted their details below.

Each of Us Drowning at Sea  – Fiction – Yvonne Battle-Felton

Si’s Chair – Fiction – Debbie Bayne

Where were you? – Non-fiction – Bibi Berki

End of Term – Fiction – Pippa Brush Chappell

And We Grew So Old – Fiction – Selma Carvalho

From the Soil – Non-fiction – Lucy Cash

Glasshouse – Fiction – Philipa Coughlan

Havoc Shore – Fiction – Maureen Cullen

Getting Shit On – Non-fiction – Niamh Curran

The Story Of The Good Little Girl Who Did Not Prosper – Fiction – M. J. Doyle

The Gift – Fiction – Jennie Ensor

Every Living Thing – Non-fiction – Sally Kerry Fox

Molly Lovelace – Fiction – Ledlowe Guthrie

The Sunbathers – Fiction – Kerry Hood

Absinthe – Fiction – Janet Howcroft

The Other Side – Fiction – Hedy Howe

Paul Newman Eyes – Fiction – Kate Jefford

That Something of Me – Non-fiction – Ingrid Jendrzejewski

Crane – Fiction – Avril Joy

Sebald and standing in the kitchen at a party – Non-fiction – Alice Kent

Life Buoy – Non-fiction – Kate Malcolm

The Going Nowhere Roads – Fiction – Maire Malone

F’s Fir Fingers – Fiction – Margot McCuaig

Four Days of Dying – Non-fiction – Kirstin McKie

The Once and Only First Lady Judge – Fiction – Margaret Meyer

Upon Return – Fiction – Carmen Morawski

Dress rehearsal – Fiction – Hannah Persaud

Age of Reason – Fiction – Anne Rabbitt

Loving Icarus – Fiction – Alex Reece Abbott

The Man Who Walked In Off The Street – Fiction – Rashmee Roshan Lall

We Begin In Many Ways – Non-fiction – Christina Sanders

Kindred Spirits – Non-fiction – Helen Stockton

Black Boy Winnings – Fiction – Janet H Swinney

Waiting Rooms – Non-fiction – Shelley Tracey

It Never Rains in Wycombe – Non-fiction – Jennifer Twomey

She Clown – Fiction – Hannah Vincent

The Anthropologist’s Feet  – Fiction – Dominie Walters

In the Moment – Fiction – Clare Weze

Borrowed – Fiction – Melanie Whipman

The Little Detective  – Fiction – Julia Wills

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