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2018, a year of satisfaction, subterfuge or sabotage.

You know this already, it is 2018. The deep red of the hawthorn fruit is resplendent against a silver sky, its bark black with penetrating rain. Patches of pale yellow swathe the still green grass, disfiguring the enduring landscape, but look again and you can imagine sheep flocking home, their woolly edges like fallen clouds… Continue reading 2018, a year of satisfaction, subterfuge or sabotage.

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Let’s resolve to hope for one another in 2017…

At the turn of a new year, it is widely regarded as traditional to make resolutions. This longstanding custom, according to wikipedia..., has evidence of existence many thousands of years ago. On the first day of a new year a person resolves to change, alter or adapt their lifestyle in response to a facet of their behaviour that is… Continue reading Let’s resolve to hope for one another in 2017…

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Hogmanay & Handselling. Only in Scotland.

It's Hogmanay! Or for those of you reading this outside of Scotland it's New Year's Eve. Traditionally, in oor wee bonnie country, the last day of the year is spent preparing to say goodbye to the year past by welcoming in the next with a variety of cultural nuances that have regional variances but fundamentally deliver on the same… Continue reading Hogmanay & Handselling. Only in Scotland.


Harris, our story begins

Harris. A captivating island in the Outer Hebrides. A town in eight different American states; a township in Ontario Canada and a village on the Island of Montserrat. A composer, a rapper, a rock band; a number of famous buildings, museums, schools and businesses. An impressive list. Yet there is no Harris more important than… Continue reading Harris, our story begins