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I am silver and exact…

Time has been busy. It has been delivering changes, challenges, and a swiftness of currents as fresh and poignant as the ebb. Time has been responsible for expanding creative focus and developing concentration, my quickening breath smothering the distant horizon in a foggy haze before its glass feels too vast, its fathoms too deep. I'm… Continue reading I am silver and exact…

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A snapshot of Scottish culture. The premiere screening of #Tannadice87.

Coconut macaroon bars that shed their coating like drifting snow; rich syrupy Scottish tablet that crumbles on sweetened lips, sugary morsels shimmering in the floodlit terracing; crisps -their discarded salt sachets sinking beyond the turnstile like washed confetti; and alcohol, that swirls in the air, its familiar scent snarled by back teeth and held taut in tightening throats, its taste lingering like chlorine in a swimming pool.… Continue reading A snapshot of Scottish culture. The premiere screening of #Tannadice87.


Booked on Pulse 98.3FM

I was delighted to be asked to feature on Shirley Whiteside's weekly book radio show "Booked" to talk about The Birds That Never Flew and my other writing. There's also some fantastic tunes to ease you through your Sunday afternoon. The show will air on Sunday the 19th of March at 2pm on Pulse 98.3FM.… Continue reading Booked on Pulse 98.3FM

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Torc nomination for #JimmyJohnstone

I was delighted to learn this week that Jimmy Johnstone, the feature-length documentary film that I wrote, produced and directed with my company and talented team at purpleTV, has been nominated for a Celtic Media Festival award. Did I say delighted? Well, that and more! The festival brings the Celtic nations' creative film and television talent together annually, in the… Continue reading Torc nomination for #JimmyJohnstone

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Birthday beginnings, ‘The Lions of Lisbon’

It's my birthday today, and consequently it's a good time to talk about beginnings. My actual beginning to be precise... I shall explain. Last year, Professor Willie Maley, founder of Glasgow University's Creative Writing Masters along with  Philip Hobsbawm, asked me to contribute to The Lions of Lisbon, A Play Of Two Halves, being published by Luath Press… Continue reading Birthday beginnings, ‘The Lions of Lisbon’

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An #Irish act of union – a #Rathlin island welcome.

A mostly storm-bound week spent working, writing and sea-watching at my home on Rathlin Island concluded yesterday, and with it came tears as I packed up my computer and made for the city.  Standing on the pier, my heart wonderfully weighted with contentment, I prepared to mourn the emptiness I would soon feel as its goodness thinned. Like… Continue reading An #Irish act of union – a #Rathlin island welcome.


#MerylStreep’s strength is power to us all.

When I think back, there was an actual lightening bolt moment when I realised that I was just a 'woman'. A mere girl.  I am talking about my awakening, my realisation that gender was important, the moment I understood that in being a woman I was somehow  compromised by vent of my very existence. I grew up in… Continue reading #MerylStreep’s strength is power to us all.

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Let’s resolve to hope for one another in 2017…

At the turn of a new year, it is widely regarded as traditional to make resolutions. This longstanding custom, according to wikipedia..., has evidence of existence many thousands of years ago. On the first day of a new year a person resolves to change, alter or adapt their lifestyle in response to a facet of their behaviour that is… Continue reading Let’s resolve to hope for one another in 2017…