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Reflections on the making of the #TommyBurns film.

This last five months or so have been incredibly busy, but immensely rewarding. My Tommy Burns film, for my company purpleTV and commissioned by BBC ALBA, had its TV premiere on Friday night. Given the volume of engagement online about the film 'Tommy Burns' was soon trending on Twitter and stayed a prominent trend with… Continue reading Reflections on the making of the #TommyBurns film.

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“The history woman” (not a bad mantle to aspire to)

Hugh MacDonald interviews novelist and filmmaker Margot McCuaig I was featured in the Bella Caledonia this weekend, the monthly colour magazine produced in collaboration with the National newspaper. Hugh MacDonald is a powerful writer and he made an excellent job of exploring my filmmaking, my background, my novel writing and my love of history, football culture… Continue reading “The history woman” (not a bad mantle to aspire to)


A new beginning

I learned something yesterday, something important. You think you're prepared to meet your new grandchild for the first time. You play the scene in your head over and over, imagining how your heart will beat uncomfortably quickly when you see the round of his forehead, the soft fold of his chin, how your eyes will… Continue reading A new beginning