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Media and Gender Equality @scotwomensport award – Active Scotland

This week sees Scottish Women in Sport host their annual awards for women in sport in Scotland. I've been lucky to have attended every awards dinner and event since the inception of the excellent SWiS and love the work the organisation does under the guidance of its CEO, Maureen McGonigle. Unfortunately I won't be able… Continue reading Media and Gender Equality @scotwomensport award – Active Scotland

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Not Tartan and Square Sausage – Scottish author event

Please join myself and fellow Linen Press writers Ali Bacon and Charlotte Fairbairn at a literary event, via zoom, on the 17th November at 7pm. Hosted by Lynn Michell we'll be reading from our work and talking about Scottish writing and everything that this can mean around landscape, language and life. Expect a very lively… Continue reading Not Tartan and Square Sausage – Scottish author event


Sometimes a novel sings, but will it fly? Of Crawdads and River Songs.

Ali Bacon

If you haven’t read Where the Crawdads Sing, I think you may have heard of it. At the last count it had 53,000 ratings on a certain review site (which I assume equates to many, many more sales) or you could check it out on the ‘unaffiliated’ Goodreads. I’m not going to write a full review but I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Kya, abandoned by her parents to make a life for herself in the marshlands of North Carolina. Kya finds the key to her future when a boy neighbour teaches her to read but she still can’t escape the prejudice of the local community. It’s a great read and worthy of making the impact it has achieved.

However for me the biggest question it raised was how another book of similar character and equal power has remained largely unnoticed. It’s some time since I read…

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Hope springs eternal in football.

It was lovely to be asked to write a piece for the Sunday Post today. The remit was France 98 and I wrote about my memories of watching my children watch the Scotland men's team play their opening match against Brazil. I had the absolute honour to travel to France to follow Scotland's women's team… Continue reading Hope springs eternal in football.

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Spreading the word one listener and reader at a time.

We writers love the opportunity to talk about our books as reaching readers isn't always easy. There are a lot of books in the world and many of these are marketed heavily by publishers with big budgets, contacts and reputations. As such, it is often harder for smaller (but equally valuable) presses to be heard,… Continue reading Spreading the word one listener and reader at a time.

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Make mine a double, several times over.

Last weekend, there was an extract from the opening chapter of my novel Almost Then published in the Sunday Post newspaper. Two of the central characters of the novel are twins, sister and brother Rathlin and Breacán. In the article, alongside the book extract, there's an interview with me about the extent to which twins… Continue reading Make mine a double, several times over.

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An Easter blessing for the future.

Twins have always fascinated me. For a start, I am one, born twenty minutes earlier than my twin brother in the days when a twin pregnancy could be a surprise to the expectant parents. My mum and dad didn't know the wee bundle of joy they were waiting for was in fact double trouble until… Continue reading An Easter blessing for the future.

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The official trailer has arrived…

Introducing a video trailer for my new novel, Almost Then. https://videopress.com/v/WjrEIaDQ?resizeToParent=true&preloadContent=metadata Almost Then, by Margot McCuaig Edit, Kenny ParkSoundrack, Kenny Park Laura Waddell, author of Exit, UK Publishing Director and The Scotsman columnist – ‘In many ways a tight, classic family intrique, rich with resentments and estrangements, what distinguishes Almost Then is its strong sense of place…… Continue reading The official trailer has arrived…

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Gowk Day Launch Party

The 1st of April might be April Fools Day (traditionally known as Gowk Day in Scotland) but after all the frivolities of the pre-midday pranks why not grab a chair and a glass and join me to celebrate the publication day of Almost Then. I can't promise fools errand gowk (cuckoo) hunting in costume, but… Continue reading Gowk Day Launch Party

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Almost Then is now.

https://videopress.com/v/lUvTIZe3?preloadContent=metadata Almost Then arrives from the publisher! I received a very exciting delivery recently from Linen Press - copies of my new novel Almost Then. They are exquisite and I can't wait to share them with the world. Here's a wee video of the book opening ceremony. Hopefully it will make you smile in these,… Continue reading Almost Then is now.