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An Easter blessing for the future.

Twins have always fascinated me. For a start, I am one, born twenty minutes earlier than my twin brother in the days when a twin pregnancy could be a surprise to the expectant parents. My mum and dad didn't know the wee bundle of joy they were waiting for was in fact double trouble until… Continue reading An Easter blessing for the future.

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Reflections on the making of the #TommyBurns film.

This last five months or so have been incredibly busy, but immensely rewarding. My Tommy Burns film, for my company purpleTV and commissioned by BBC ALBA, had its TV premiere on Friday night. Given the volume of engagement online about the film 'Tommy Burns' was soon trending on Twitter and stayed a prominent trend with… Continue reading Reflections on the making of the #TommyBurns film.

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It’s a nice day for a white wedding…

It's raining; a mist so soft it is weightless. It's powerful though, its strength masquerading in a subtlety that would pass unnoticed if it wasn't for the damp that muzzles your bones and flows deep into your soul. Autumn is upon us, the crimson rowans rich, the dark nights skulking in preparation for months of… Continue reading It’s a nice day for a white wedding…

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Let’s resolve to hope for one another in 2017…

At the turn of a new year, it is widely regarded as traditional to make resolutions. This longstanding custom, according to wikipedia..., has evidence of existence many thousands of years ago. On the first day of a new year a person resolves to change, alter or adapt their lifestyle in response to a facet of their behaviour that is… Continue reading Let’s resolve to hope for one another in 2017…


I witnessed a miracle.

Whilst I am a character in this story, it's not entirely my story to share. Consequently, I'll keep the most intimate details out of the written narrative. The story? My beautiful, strong and determined daughter Siobhán gave birth to her gorgeous son, Ruairí Daniel Connolly at 18:19pm on the 7th of July. I was with Siobhán and… Continue reading I witnessed a miracle.


Stepping off the edge of life with the gift of life.

I'm at Mullindress, my house on Rathlin Island. Foils of wind are picking up pace, their song setting sail to the clouds,  galloping tresses chasing something in the distance, an epiphany or a fallen star, its intensity close and all the same far beyond my reach. My daughter is with me, her as yet unborn son sharing the view… Continue reading Stepping off the edge of life with the gift of life.


broken ankle and welcome party.

It's day three of dad's incapacitation following his ankle break. A simple slip has resulted in a dramatic change to his lifestyle. It is a really awful thing to have happened to him, particularly as he's getting that wee bit older (and more determined to be able to do everything!) and he already has a… Continue reading broken ankle and welcome party.


A new beginning

I learned something yesterday, something important. You think you're prepared to meet your new grandchild for the first time. You play the scene in your head over and over, imagining how your heart will beat uncomfortably quickly when you see the round of his forehead, the soft fold of his chin, how your eyes will… Continue reading A new beginning


Christmas Capra

It’s the crazy season, the one where we all embrace tradition with an affliction of heartfelt fondness and encourage one another to hug family and friends with the intensity that a year of neglect can demand. And all the while we are engaging in social gatherings and relaxing into pastimes that allow us to assume… Continue reading Christmas Capra


The brilliant moon is rising

As 2014 draws to a close I look beyond the horizon and see 2015 waiting on the shoulder of tomorrow, its imminent arrival promising new beginnings and new life. I'll be meeting my grandson in a matter of days, or hours; moments that are hurdling the precipice of soon. He's doing well, thriving healthily in his mother's womb,… Continue reading The brilliant moon is rising