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Hogmanay & Handselling. Only in Scotland.

It's Hogmanay! Or for those of you reading this outside of Scotland it's New Year's Eve. Traditionally, in oor wee bonnie country, the last day of the year is spent preparing to say goodbye to the year past by welcoming in the next with a variety of cultural nuances that have regional variances but fundamentally deliver on the same… Continue reading Hogmanay & Handselling. Only in Scotland.

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Spotting the (Irvine) Welsh man in Chicago.

I'm really fortunate that in my work for purpleTV I get to tell stories in a visual format, building narratives using testimony, archive and various other creative mediums. In the course of this work I've met some amazing people and this week was no different. I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Irvine… Continue reading Spotting the (Irvine) Welsh man in Chicago.


Aye Write; the Scottishness of Welsh, Dolan & Cleeves

I haven't as yet read A Decent Ride, Irvine Welsh's new novel, but it was more than decent listening to him read, or more appropriately perform, several scenes at the Aye Write festival on Friday night. We all know Irvine Welsh is a phenomenal talent. And not just as a writer. During the referendum he regularly appeared on… Continue reading Aye Write; the Scottishness of Welsh, Dolan & Cleeves