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RTS award for ‘Jim Baxter’.

I was incredibly thrilled to win a Royal Television Society Scotland award at a glitzy ceremony in Glasgow on the 25th of May for  Jim Baxter, a documentary film I wrote, produced and directed. The film, produced by my co-owned production company purpleTV,  is an intimate portrayal of the personal and professional life of Jim Baxter,… Continue reading RTS award for ‘Jim Baxter’.

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Royal Television Society Scotland nominations!

I was thrilled this week when the nominations for this year's Royal Television Society Scotland awards were announced. The RTS awards are the gold standard of achievement in the television industry recognising excellence across the entire range of programme making and broadcasting skills. Two (yes, two!) films that I wrote, produced and directed have been shortlisted for an award. Tartan… Continue reading Royal Television Society Scotland nominations!

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Rathlin Island swallows and #JimBaxter

The swallows are making ready to leave. Birds from all over the island are gathering in gulps (I'm on Rathlin), their polished backs glistening as they line up on telephone wires, preening and prancing as they wait for the word that will send them on down to South Africa for the winter. Occasionally they appear back up… Continue reading Rathlin Island swallows and #JimBaxter


The making of Jim Baxter & the Royal Television Society

As well as novel writing, I'm managing director of mneTV and a director of purpleTV. At purple we produce high end documentaries, focusing on great storytelling, and we also produce mobile apps, again focusing on the narrative in visual formats, telling stories of social and cultural significance to worldwide audiences who otherwise may not have… Continue reading The making of Jim Baxter & the Royal Television Society