The making of Jim Baxter & the Royal Television Society

As well as novel writing, I’m managing director of mneTV and a director of purpleTV. At purple we produce high end documentaries, focusing on great storytelling, and we also produce mobile apps, again focusing on the narrative in visual formats, telling stories of social and cultural significance to worldwide audiences who otherwise may not have been able to readily access the richness of the content.

I’m currently underway on the production of a film about Jim Baxter. Who? Well, he was an extraordinary football talent who lost his way and ultimately his life at a very young age. Baxter was a complex character, a working class miner from a small town in Fife, and it will be an honour to share his story with audiences in the autumn. 2015-05-05 12.19.55I’ve been filming with family and friends over the last few weeks and amidst the laughter and the tears there is a powerful narrative emerging.

Speaking of purple programmes, our film about Jock Stein, which I wrote, produced and directed, has been nominated for a RTS Scotland award. I’m thrilled at this nomination.

Jock Stein, courtesy of Derek Taylor
Jock Stein, courtesy of Derek Taylor

We have a really small team and we work hard with small budgets to deliver memorable programming that has critical and cultural impact, so it’s a lovely reward to be recognised in this way.

However, whilst the recognition is fantastic, I’d love to win this award. I want to win it for purple, for my team, for BBC ALBA and the gorgeous Gàidhlig language and for the all the storytellers out there who understand where I’m coming from.

The award ceremony is on the 20th of May. Wish me luck!

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