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@womenaloudNI loud and proud for #InternationalWomensDay2018

I was really honoured to take part in Women Aloud NI's mass contribution to International Women's Day 2018. Following on from an energetic and inspiring launch to the annual project initiated by Jane Talbot in 2016,  the 2018 event saw women writers from and living in the North of Ireland come together across the country… Continue reading @womenaloudNI loud and proud for #InternationalWomensDay2018

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“The history woman” (not a bad mantle to aspire to)

Hugh MacDonald interviews novelist and filmmaker Margot McCuaig I was featured in the Bella Caledonia this weekend, the monthly colour magazine produced in collaboration with the National newspaper. Hugh MacDonald is a powerful writer and he made an excellent job of exploring my filmmaking, my background, my novel writing and my love of history, football culture… Continue reading “The history woman” (not a bad mantle to aspire to)

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2018, a year of satisfaction, subterfuge or sabotage.

You know this already, it is 2018. The deep red of the hawthorn fruit is resplendent against a silver sky, its bark black with penetrating rain. Patches of pale yellow swathe the still green grass, disfiguring the enduring landscape, but look again and you can imagine sheep flocking home, their woolly edges like fallen clouds… Continue reading 2018, a year of satisfaction, subterfuge or sabotage.

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Words and Women prose competition

2018 kicked off with a bang with news that my short story 'F's Fir Fingers' made the Top 40 of the Women and Words prose competition! You can learn more about it here. The national and East of England winners will be announced from the shortlist on the 8th of January. I'm just delighted to… Continue reading Words and Women prose competition

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A dark November tale.

I am delighted that my story, 'Farming Lives', is featured on the wonderful Paragraph Planet flash fiction site. It's always a pleasure to have my wee short stories published. Here's my latest 75 word piece of flash fiction, inspired by an event I witnessed whilst at home on Rathlin last week. It's a bit dark,… Continue reading A dark November tale.


When silence isn’t golden, but is golden all the same.

Silence isn't always a choice. Silence is sometimes the only choice. Silence isn't always a comfort. Silence is sometimes the only thing close to comfort.   Sssshhhh. Listen to the heaviness of silence. Watch its tracks, splayed in the sand like the spine of a fish, the white tide washing over its nothingness. It is,… Continue reading When silence isn’t golden, but is golden all the same.

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Thunderpoints are Go!

Last night team Thunderpoint made a group appearance at Waterstones Byres Road as part of the Byres Road Book Festival. Myself, Kevin Scott and Andrew C Ferguson read from our novels, chatted to one another about character, plot and processes and answered questions from a very inquisitive and quite brilliant sold out audience. It's always… Continue reading Thunderpoints are Go!

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It’s a nice day for a white wedding…

It's raining; a mist so soft it is weightless. It's powerful though, its strength masquerading in a subtlety that would pass unnoticed if it wasn't for the damp that muzzles your bones and flows deep into your soul. Autumn is upon us, the crimson rowans rich, the dark nights skulking in preparation for months of… Continue reading It’s a nice day for a white wedding…

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I am silver and exact…

Time has been busy. It has been delivering changes, challenges, and a swiftness of currents as fresh and poignant as the ebb. Time has been responsible for expanding creative focus and developing concentration, my quickening breath smothering the distant horizon in a foggy haze before its glass feels too vast, its fathoms too deep. I'm… Continue reading I am silver and exact…