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The People’s Game after COVID: The future of Scottish football.

I’m really looking forward to participating on the panel for this really important discussion – ‘The People’s Game after COVID: The future of Scottish football. The event is free, but ticketed, and it’s on the 26th of February. You can register here.

Here’s some more information. Simon Barrow and Gerry Hassan present the latest in their Scotland After the Virus event series, this time with a focus on football and community, co-sponsored by the Scottish Football Supporters Association.

The pandemic has affected every area of life, and Scottish football – both as a game and as part of community and culture – is no exception. The current season has been played with no fans, at huge cost to clubs and against a backdrop of anxiety, uncertainty and financial pressures – especially for smaller, junior and women’s clubs. Many are now struggling to see a viable world for many clubs outside of the top league.

What will the world of the game look like beyond the top two after the pandemic? How does the Scottish game adapt to survive? Does Scottish football need a radical overhaul and democratisation – and if so, what would that mean, and how can it come about?

You can buy a copy of Scotland After the Virus, edited by Gerry Hassan and Simon Barrows, featuring some remarkable Scottish talent, here.

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