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Almost Then and beautiful art.

And here it is, the beautiful cover of Almost Then, my latest novel.

Almost Then by Margot McCuaig, published April 1st, 2021

It is published by Linen Press and is available to pre-order directly from the publisher via this link. You can also sign up to the Linen newsletter on the website, which means you won’t miss any exciting news!

Publication day is April 1st. A perfect date and a perfect cover. Here’s a wee bit more about the novel from Linen’s newsletter:

A compelling story of roots, belonging and kinship set against the powerful backdrop of two houses and the landscape in Kintyre. When twins Rathlin and Breacán Doherty approach their twenty-seventh birthday, they come together after an absence to fight for their beloved Ballynoe, a house rich in folklore and holding the ghosts of their parents. The revelation of their own secrets and the uncovering of family lies have far-reaching and tragic consequences.

And speaking of the two houses, they are incredibly important to the book. The amazing artist Penny Sharp created this stunning illustration for the novel….it’s worth buying the book just to see this incredible piece of art! Just look at the scale of the detail.

Can you spot the wee family of deer in the field? Absolutely perfect.

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