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Hear all about it on the @ReadAllAbout20 podcast.

We all need a wee bit of escapism now more than ever and books are one way to shut off from the world and delve into a different space for as long as you need to. It’s really difficult to concentrate on creative projects at the moment so if you are finding it hard to focus to read, or write, have a listen instead…

If you’ve not already tuned into the Read All About It podcast then now might be a good time. The show features writers talking about their favourite, and even not so favourite books, hosted by Paul Cuddihy. There’s already a fabulous back catalogue of writers in the series and you can find out more about them, and the fascinating book choices that have mapped their lives, on Paul’s website.

Paul is a very natural presenter and even better he genuinely loves the topic so the conversations sway with care and intrigue.

I feature this week and talk about how my island background and family circumstance has shaped my reading, and how politics changed my life for the better, and then the worst thanks to one of my book choices…

You can listen here and subscribe to the show via the usual podcast channels.

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