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‘The Women Who Built Glasgow City’ film on air soon.

For the last while I’ve been working hard on the production of my latest purpleTV film, a documentary about the fabulous story of Cas Stewart and Laura Montgomery… Here’s the official billing:

Denied a pathway to football as children, The Women Who Built Glasgow City is the inspiring journey of Cas Stewart and Laura Montgomery, the formidable duo who had a vision of creating opportunities for women and girls in Scotland. They founded Glasgow City FC in 1998  with aspirations to become a dominant force in Scottish football and a strong contender in Europe. They delivered, creating Scotland’s most successful women’s football team winning 13 League titles in succession and reaching the UEFA Women’s Champions League quarter finals twice. Sustaining their legacy is the club’s thriving Academy, enabling girls to follow their footballing dreams.

The film isn’t primarily about the club’s story, although Glasgow City FC obviously has a central arc and provides the backdrop. The story centres rather on Laura and Cas as girls in a ‘man’s world’, as individuals, and as a duo, and around the hurdles they’ve had to overcome since children to realise their dreams to play football. Who they are as women provides an insight into the empowering role models they have become in delivering a club not just for themselves but for young girls too. They’re taught us an important message, you can realise your dreams, and if anyone tells you you can’t be who you want to be, just because you are girl, or a woman, they are simply wrong.

Unfortunately, and understandably, the VIP premiere screening scheduled for the Everyman Cinema in Glasgow on the 30th of March has been cancelled but the TV premiere is fast approaching. You can watch on BBC ALBA, or the BBC iPlayer on the 5th of April at 9pm.

Please watch. I promise you will be inspired and let’s face it, we all need something positive in our lives right now.

Here’s a link to the official trailer to keep you going in the meantime:

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