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Billy McNeill; in celebration of the life of a legend.

Last Saturday, 10th of August, I was honoured to participate in an event at the inaugural Govanhill Book Festival, taking place within the broader framework of the successful Govanhill International Festival and Carnival,now in its third year.

The event was billed as A Tribute To Football Legend Billy McNeill and it certainly was with fantastic contributions from my fellow panel members Jeanette Findlay and Archie Macpherson, alongside the evening’s chair, Bernard Ponsonby.

Tickets for the event, in support of Dementia Scotland, were sold out almost immediately upon release and the venue, a church in Queens Drive, was packed and lively. It really was a privilege to join the panel so thank you to Gerry Hassan for inviting me to contribute.

I spoke about an early chance meeting with Billy McNeill, on the 25th May 1987 (yep, we all know what happened next!) along with some tales from working with Cesar over the years when I was with Celtic. He really was a gentleman as well as phenomenal talent on the pitch. He has certainly left his mark.

Watch out for this festival going from strength to strength next year!

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