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#OntheEngender podcast, Gender and Equality in the media.

I'm really honoured to feature in an episode of the #OntheEngender podcast. This episode brings you highlights from day two of 'gendered representations in Scottish news' hosted by Gender Equal Media Scotland. The podcast features discussions on who makes the news - gender imbalance in the media, abuse faced by women working in the media,… Continue reading #OntheEngender podcast, Gender and Equality in the media.

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Summer chat, upcoming events.

I'm delighted to be taking part in a few events over the next wee while. First up, on Thursday 31st of May, I'll be at home on Rathlin chairing an event with the acclaimed Irish novelist Bernie McGill as part of the Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival. Bernie will be reading from her brilliant Rathlin Island based… Continue reading Summer chat, upcoming events.