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Cold War Hockey documentary film

My latest documentary film for purpleTV will transmit on BBC ALBA on the 5th April at 9pm.

It’s an utterly incredible story! Here’s the billing and a trailer.

When the Scotland hockey team was invited to play against West Germany in Berlin in September 1961, it was just weeks after the Berlin Wall had been constructed.  Many feared the world was on the verge of war. In Cold War Hockey, four women from the Scotland team recall playing hockey and politics as they came face to face with the shocking reality of the Berlin Crisis. With aggression and war once again on the agenda in Europe, two of the team, Jenna and Valerie, revisit the city for the first time in sixty years, understanding the significance of the trip to their lives, and to the history of the Cold War. 

There’s also additional clips and production images on the BBC page here.

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