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Spreading the word one listener and reader at a time.

We writers love the opportunity to talk about our books as reaching readers isn’t always easy. There are a lot of books in the world and many of these are marketed heavily by publishers with big budgets, contacts and reputations. As such, it is often harder for smaller (but equally valuable) presses to be heard, even though their prized authors have written wonderful books that would likely pique the interest of the masses too. Visibility matters.

That’s why it was so lovely for me to be invited on BBC Radio Scotland this morning to talk about Almost Then. Now it’s out there I’m receiving some really incredible feedback and the more I’m able to tell people about the book the easier it will be to reach readers. Word of mouth is important too. If you love Almost Then then please do post a review, tell your friends and/or post about it on social media.

I love my characters in Almost Then and I really hope their story reaches audiences far and wide.

Here’s a link to this morning’s show, hosted by Stephen Jardine. If you don’t have time to listen to the whole programme (I appreciate that this may be a challenge given it is three hours long!) don’t worry as my interview comes in at 1:54:11 and you can skip along to there.

Thank you!

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