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The official trailer has arrived…

Introducing a video trailer for my new novel, Almost Then.

Almost Then, by Margot McCuaig
Edit, Kenny Park
Soundrack, Kenny Park

Laura Waddell, author of Exit, UK Publishing Director and The Scotsman columnist – ‘In many ways a tight, classic family intrique, rich with resentments and estrangements, what distinguishes Almost Then is its strong sense of place… Almost Then is ultimately a story about striving for a sense of home, tense and tender in equal measures.’


Sara Sheridan, bestselling author of more than twenty books –  ‘a dark drama about the secret bonds of family. It felt televisual and I particularly liked the sense of place as the story moved from Glasgow out to the wilds. The main characters (twins) were vividly drawn – five stars.’

Paul Cuddihy, author and host of the Read All About It podcast – ‘Almost Then is an emotional rollercoaster – a gripping story of family secrets that left me a bit breathless by the end. It’s a great read.’

Karen Campbell, acclaimed author of seven novels – ‘A heartbreaking exploration of love and loss – and of bonds that can never be broken.’

Hilary McCollum, author of Golddigger – ‘Age-old themes of betrayal and family violence are skilfully mined to bring new insights for the contemporary reader. A story of love and passion, hate and despair, jealousy and guilt, violence and tragedy, beautifully told, about the past’s impact on the present and the future, and the unbearable burden of unbearable losses.

Available directly from from the publisher, or from bookshops.…

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