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Top 50 influential Women in Sport (SCOTLAND)

This morning, the Independent posted an article featuring the results of a poll to nominate the first “annual power list” of the fifty most influential women in British sport. It’s an impressive  list, featuring women who have worked hard to increase recognition of women in sport, such as the fabulous Anna Kessel, athletes such as the “poster girl” of the Olympics Jessica Ennis-Hill and those who job it is to fight for equality such as the BBC’s Shelley Alexander and Ruth Holdaway, CEO, Women in Sport. It’s been a good year for women in a sporting context. Women are becoming more visible thanks to major events such as a very successful Women’s World Cup that impressed with record audiences both at the events and on our television screens. There has been some increased coverage in other televised sports too, flickers of hope that can be translated into evidence of some suggestions of progress. However, let’s not get too carried away, we haven’t witnessed a revolution, just small steps, but steps that are hopefully taking us in the right direction as we strive towards equality. But back to the list. The list of the 50 most influential women in British Sport. Whilst it is great to see the likes of Scots Judy Murray and Suzie Wolff receiving recognition, there are startling omissions in this list. Where are the powerful women of Scotland, the women who have been working over decades to influence, and invoke positive change? Founders of Glasgow City FC, Laura Montgomery and Carol Anne Stewart, a duo who were so fed up with sexism and closed opportunities in football that they established their own club and led it to the Champions League and domestic supremacy. It is now a institution that is revered on the European stage and that’s no mean feat. There’s no mention of Leeann Dempster, the CEO of Hibernian FC, a huge voice in both men’s football and the women’s game from her position on the SWF Board, an organisation working hard to promote positive change in attitudes and support, financially, physically and commercially for the domestic game in Scotland. Where’s Louise Martin, a phenomenal figure of authority and the Chair at Sport Scotland. She’s got to be a trailblazer, no? And what about Sheila Begbie, currently working hard to revolutionise women’s rugby having spent 30 years in women’s football doing exactly that. And let’s not forget Scottish women’s national football coach Anna Signeul who is on the verge of taking her side to a major tournament. We should also remember Maureen McGonigle, founder of Scottish Women in Sport, someone who works tirelessly for recognition and equality for women in the sporting environment. I could go on and on, writing about female journalists, writers, athletes, supporters, promoters, campaigners. Our list of influential women in Scotland is admirable  and enviable. But we need to shout about them. I’m really astonished that the incredible women of influence haven’t received the recognition they deserve and in that context I’d like to make sure that the hard work in Scotland is recognised. Therefore, I’d like to conduct a poll to find the 50 most influential women in Scottish Sport. To do that I need your help. Who should be on the list and who should judge the nominees? Let’s do this Scotland, let’s give credit to the Scottish trailblazers who deserve our thanks and our support. Please note, I don’t wish to denigrate in any way the wonderful commitment and success of the amazing women on The Independent’s list, they all deserve plaudits. I just want to honour those around me who are fabulous; women whose continual drive, prolific support and lasting commitment and determination have helped give women in sport an all important voice. They deserve to hear your voice too. What next? Let me know who you think should be nominated and we’ll get this moving. If you hashtag #Scottishtop50 and let me know your nominations I will collate the results and post our Scottish alternative list in due course. Please nominate and share and give a voice to our fabulous women.

3 thoughts on “Top 50 influential Women in Sport (SCOTLAND)”

  1. Fantastic, thank you so much for taking the time to interact with this, it’s obvious that there are a huge number of influential women in Scottish sport who aren’t getting the recognition they deserve. Thank you for sharing.


  2. I’ve mentioned Carol Wilson on Twitter ( I think that was her second name as she was just known as Dodds).

    Dodds ran Cumbernauld Cosmos in the 90s when the ladies game was struggling for numbers. The girls, one of whom Ifeoma Dieke (faster than a speeding bullet) made a professional career in the US came from all over Lanarkshire North and South and Glasgow itself. I know, I had to fetch them (Donna in Maryhill and Lynn in Bellshill) as I brought my lass over from East Kilbride.

    Dodds did not strike me as having great coaching ability but she could spot a player and her enthusiasm was plain for all to see.

    Cosmos were a successful team at the time 94/95 with Ayr Ladies their main rivals ran by a butcher from Alloway called Hugh?

    Cosmos were succeeded in success terms by Falkirk Ladies, ran by an ex Bonnybridge junior player called Peter ?. Leanne Ross was a stand out player for them when she turned up from Dundee and no surprise she amassed so many Caps for Scotland .
    Then came Glasgow City whose professionalism and ambition ( I think Laura or Carol or Peter paid the Big Mac signing on fee for my lass in the Maryhill McDonalds) was clear to see from the off and the strides they have made in promoting the game definitely deserves the mention you gave them.
    But back to Dodds and her hard work and indeed all the other club managers of that time in the early to mid 90s.
    In doing what they did, they did more than introduce girls to football.
    They introduced friends to new friends.
    They allowed social interaction and opportunities to visit places that today are more normal, but from The Faroe Islands to Israel via Paris was a unique itinerary for my lass, not to mention playing at Wembley. She is making a successful career in sport business now.

    It’s great to hear the likes of Gemma Fay speak so knowledgeably on Off The Ball and to see the ladies game become much more mainstream.

    I’m delighted for all involved for, as you can see, they have given me so many happy memories.


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