I begin each day writing.  I start with a wee bit of prose describing the scene that’s awaiting me on the other side of my window frame. I don’t think about, I just write what I feel, going beyond what I can actually see.

It’s important to me to write. To be creative, and believe in the words that urge you to let them leave and make their own way in the world. Quite often they’re not ready but isn’t that just the way, in the rest of life too.

Something doesn’t have to be right to be important.

I write little bits of ‘poetry’ too. Nowadays my efforts are a wee bit more removed from the angst of my youth but whilst I’m never going to be a poet I don’t mind giving it a go if the notion takes me. Perhaps though we won’t call it poetry, just longer prose.

There are many examples on this site.

Enjoy, but most of all, write, and allow your creative energy to take control.

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