Royal Television Society awards!

In May 2015, Jock Stein, a film I wrote, produced and directed for BBC ALBA about the life of Scotland’s Greatest Ever football manager, won the Royal Television Society Scotland Award for the Best Sport Film produced in Scotland in 2014.

Jim Baxter, another film I wrote, produced and directed, is an intimate portrayal of the personal and professional life of one of Scotland’s greatest ever footballers. Tragically, he died at just 61 years of age from pancreatic cancer. The film won a Royal Television Society Scotland award in May 2016 for the best sport film produced in Scotland in 2015.

At the June 2018 Royal Television Society Scotland awards I was utterly thrilled to hear “Tommy Burns” announced as the winner. I wrote, produced and directed this feature-length documentary for BBC ALBA and it means the world to me for it to have been recognised by the RTS. The film was made 10 years on from Tommy’s death from cancer at just 51 years old, and in the documentary his daughters and sons look back on the life and career of their beloved father, a much-revered player and manager of both Celtic and Kilmarnock.

The RTS celebrates the gold standard in television production in Scotland so I am extremely thrilled to win this award three times!  All the films feature powerful narratives and it was a privilege to make them. It has been an incredible journey and I owe huge thanks to my fabulous team at purpleTV.

We’re a small group but we worked hard to achieve our goal; to do justice to a story of such significance in popular culture history.

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